Colloidal wet plate photograph by Paul Elter

Colloidal wet plate photograph by Paul Elter


“A multi-instrumentalist and instrument maker, Teilhard Frost specializes in traditional Appalachian old time music. He was raised on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, spending time with the elder fiddlers in the area. At the age of three he was given a jaw harp and harmonica by his father, and his mother gave him a fiddle and a record of Kentucky fiddle tunes. He has continued to play them all ever since.”

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“I have been waiting for something like this for years! Finally it's here!” - Steve Pritchard, radio host, CIUT Toronto

“Teilhard Frost is an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist who captures the spirit of the old-time music he plays better than anyone I know. He is a natural born entertainer who's stage presence is a joyful experience!” -Rick Ceballos, Artistic Director of Champlain Valley Folk Festival, VT

“He can enthral an audience with a tall tale or with the rhythms of his hands and feet. Add to that his self penned tunes that sound as if they have been around for a century or so, his deft fiddle and homemade banjo playing, stir in a variety of other instruments and a penchant for the arcane, and you have a renaissance man on a mission to delight. Go see T. Frost.” -Magoo, musician, impresario, Master of Ceremonies.

Earle's Hall

25.02.2018 / Adieu to Bon County


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